Friday, April 09, 2010

Spring, out of Cyprus for a while

It's probably 13 years since we were in the UK during April. Thirteen years where I have not really thought about spring flowers. Bedding plants are in full bloom in Cyprus right now - petunias, and geraniums, and marigolds, and so on.

So although I hadn't precisely forgotten about English spring flowers, they struck me afresh with their colour and brightness, arriving as we did on a surprisingly sunny day.

I didn't think daffodils were all that special when we used to live here, but suddenly I can quite see why Wordsworth wrote as he did about them from abroad

Here are some more:

Then there are polyanthuses and primroses:

and a wonderful display of hyacinths:

All these were taken in Richard's mother's garden. There are bulbs and other flowers blooming everywhere... and we've had warm, sunny weather. It was apparently 18C today.

I am typing on Richard's laptop where I keep making errors so it's taken me a long time just to type these two sentences... the next few weeks may be high on photos but low on text!


Anonymous said...

Glad you're enjoying Spring in UK. I too have really enjoyed seeing the spring flowers emerging and this week has been so warm and lovely. Enjoy your stay, Lynda

oniropolos said...

Παρακαλώ λάβετε μέρος στην έρευνα στο