Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Pomegranate leaves in spring

The almond blossom has disappeared, and now it's time for the pomegranate trees to burst into leaf... with an oddly autumnal look, since they're red and orange when they first appear. They turn green in a month or so and will then look quite ordinary. But right now the view from our kitchen window is stunning with the reds of both our pomegranate tree, and that of our neighbour.

Alas, even with a reasonable camera I can't begin to capture the stunning colours properly!

It was lovely and sunny this morning, with a good breeze that didn't feel cold. Now, just after lunch, the sky is grey and it looks as though it's going to pour with rain any minute. We still need rain so I'm not going to worry about the laundry still on my line... it'll dry eventually!

Oh, and my sore throat of yesterday seems to have been vanquished with my various defences. No idea if it's the Vitamin C or Echinacea/Goldenseal that does the trick, but neither do any harm and the combination seems to be pretty effective. Today my cold seems to have gone, my throat feels just a little gunky, but not at all painful. I shall keep taking high doses of C for a day or two, just to ensure it doesn't creep back when I'm not looking.


mreddie said...

Beautiful! Spring is my favorite season. My blueberries are blooming just like they are seriously planning to produce berries - I do hope so. :) ec

Lora said...

That was more than speedy, I should have read on. I've never seen an almond tree. I love how in different regions such different food grows naturally.

Lauren said...

Hi Sue,
Cyprus huh? How exciting. Spring is beautiful in most places, here it's snowing right now, yuck. Thanks for visiting me today. :)