Friday, May 15, 2009

May hurries by in Cyprus, and Summer approaches...

I'm not quite sure what happened to the first couple of weeks of May. It's a transition month, weather-wise. I'm still wearing jeans in the daytime, but no sweatshirt. For the past few days, I haven't even added an extra layer in the evenings. We're still using the thin duvet on the bed.. but I don't suppose it will be for very much longer.

Richard has started using water from the fridge to dilute lemonade rather than water at room temperature. Today I found our frappé maker, deep within a cupboard, and gave it a wipe, finding a place on the kitchen counter-top again. We had our first frappés of the year after lunch.

And, you might ask, what has been going on in our household in the past fortnight? I find that question hard to answer, but here are a few random highlights:

- a family from the USA stayed in our guest flat for just over a week. They found a place to rent very quickly, as well as some used furniture to buy, and yesterday Richard helped them to move. The husband will be working with Richard's organisation in a technical role. The rest of the family will be home educating - that's yet another home ed family in Larnaka.

- I looked after a three-year-old for one morning while the rest of her family were at a conference in another town. It was both enjoyable and tiring. I find three-year-olds delightful, and am always happy to read a story again.. and again... and again... On the other hand, I really do like my own space and time alone, and was not at all upset when, after staying for lunch, her family took her home again.

- We enjoyed a Sunday lunch gathering with Richard's colleagues and their families, where people could meet the new folk and we could relax together.

- We attended an independent Christian house group starting with a meal, rather like the one that used to meet at our house which (sadly) has now stopped. A big advantage of this newer one is that it is not affiliated to any one church congregation; another plus point is that children are involved too. It meets fortnightly rather than weekly, which may also be a good thing.

In addition, life has continued as usual... I've started trying to work out what to do with our family web site which has been at Geocities for the past nine or ten years. Geocities is closing later in the year, so if the site is to continue it will need to be moved and probably redesigned. This blog continued where the site left off.

Last night we went to play 'Settlers of Catan' with some local friends. Tonight some other local friends are coming for a meal, and to play 'Scrabble'. On Saturday Richard's taking a family sailing; I shall probably go along too, and sit on the beach with whoever is not sailing at the time. Soon it will be too hot for me to be out in the daytime at all, so I might as well make the most of this ideal weather where the seashore breezes make the temperature perfect.

On Sunday evening some relatives are coming to stay in the guest flat, so I'll be organising meals for them for the next ten days. We then - currently - actually have two weeks where the guest flat is empty, the longest gap so far this year. There are still a few gaps over the Summer months too, although we're having more visitors in July and August than ever before.

Life in Cyprus is - on the whole - very good.


Suzanne Ross Jones said...

It sounds like you're having much better weather than we are (not surprising as I'm in Scotland) - it's freezing here. Although, we did spot the sun briefly at the begining of the week, so I should be grateful for that.


Sheila said...

I find three-year-olds delightful too--and confess to enjoying breaks from her and having someone ELSE read to her...again...and again...and again! Thank you again for taking her that morning! :-)