Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Larnaka Town Centre, building work comes to an end

I've written a few times before about the Larnaka Town Centre building work, which has been ongoing now for at least a couple of years. It seemed to progress faster this summer, with men working every time I walked down to the Post Office, and different areas barricaded from the public.

Today, it actually seems to be finished. For now, anyway. I managed to walk right down to the Post Office without having to cross the street to avoid road works, and without seeing any building cones or fences. A pity it has happened as the tourist season comes to an end, but this IS Cyprus. Forward planning and meeting scheduled time-frames are not generally considered to be strengths here.

Here's how it looked as I approached St Lazarus Church:

This is looking across the square, which is now mainly for pedestrians:

Here's the outdoor coffee area, by the Post Office:

This is looking up the street on the other side of St Lazarus Church:

..and this is looking down the street by the Post Office:

It was fairly quiet today. So I picked up our mail, posted a card to the UK, and then went to help at Tots, at the nearby new Community Church building.

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