Sunday, November 29, 2009

A little anxious at all this organisation

So. Chritmas cake, mincemeat and puddings made. Most parcels ordered for relatives in the UK: thinking I might be away next week, and wanting to use Amazon's super-saver delivery option, I ordered them on Wednesday. To my surprise, I had a steady stream of dispatch notices throughout Thursday and Friday.

We even decided this year to have our regular cat calendars done online... Kodak Gallery were offering a discount for three or more, and then 20% of all orders in addition. It wasn't much more than the cost of printing them here, and MUCH less hassle. It remains to be seen whether or not they turn out better, but the photo quality ought to be superior to laser printing.

I do still need to write and post Christmas cards, and also write our newsletter. But it IS still only November - usually I've made the cake by this time of year, but do everything else during December. I don't really want to write the newsletter until we know for sure what Daniel will be doing in the New Year; currently the most likely option is that he and Becky will go to work in Carlisle for three months, then come to Cyprus in April when I have a 'big' birthday.

But all is confusion on the Doulos, or so I gather from chatting to Daniel on Instant Messenger. Trying to find appropriate places for 300 or so people is something of a major logistical problem. It's a good thing that God is involved.

I'm quite glad I do have the newsletter and cards still to do, or I'd be feeling very anxious. I'm not used to being so organised. I have no idea how some people manage to be completely ready for Christmas by about the end of October!

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