Thursday, December 30, 2010

Lefkara on Tuesday

Stephen and Dulcie wanted to visit Lefkara again - they went there in 2004, last time they visited us, and Dulcie wanted to buy a couple of tablecloths. We decided to go on Tuesday afternoon, since we weren't sure how many of the shops would be open on Monday.

Lefkara is not far from Larnaka. It took about 25 minutes to get there, the last part being an uphill, slightly windy road. Since we first went there a lot of the shops have closed, but there are still plenty on the main roads in the town:

Some of them display their wares outside:

We looked fairly quickly around the first shop, not seeing anything that appealed. In the second one, Dulcie saw something that was a possibility, but wasn't certain, so she said she'd like to look elsewhere first. The shop owners try to persuade every visitor to buy something, offering discounts and special offers, throwing in extra items, and - if all else fails - explaining that they haven't had any customers that week... they're not pushy, exactly, but decidedly manipulative.

Still, they're pretty helpful and are always happy to get things out. This shop had several that Dulcie liked, although by then I'd had more than enough of looking in shops:

She looked at a large number before deciding on something she liked, as a gift for a friend. The shop owner kept getting out more and more...

Then, after more discussion, she found one she liked for herself. And then, going into yet another shop just to have a quick look, she found yet another that she thought was attractive, and a very good deal...

.. However, she decided it would be better not to go into any more shops. So we drove around to the church that has amazing views over the mountains, chatted for awhile, and then came home again.

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