Thursday, December 30, 2010

Family frivolity... and farewell

A roundup of extra random photos from the past week, which don't fit with Christmas or Agia Napa, or Lefkara.

A week ago now, we played a game of Settlers of Catan (surprise, surprise...) with Tim, who had not played enough for the past few months, and Stephen and Dulcie who had only played a couple of times before. It was fairly lengthy, but we enjoyed it:

On Christmas Eve, when the cats were trying to get at the turkey, we played some Rummikub:

We had a very pleasant lunch and early afternoon out on Sunday, but for some reason I didn't take any photos at all.

On Monday afternoon, when we took Stephen and Dulcie to Agia Napa, Tim had some young friends over for a game of Risk, as has become traditional in his visits home to Cyprus:

Sheila came over on Tuesday morning, as she usually does, with Katie, Helen and Elisabeth. Elisabeth is now six months old, and very interested in Lego:

My 'baby' still likes playing with Lego too, if there are small people around to enjoy it with him:

Elisabeth was pretty keen on Tim:

Tuesday evening, their last night, Stephen and Dulcie took us out for a meal at our favourite meze taverna, not far from where we live:

Wednesday morning, they wanted to say goodbye to our friends, so we popped over. The sun was shining, and the family were outside, working (or, in some cases, not working) in their front yard. They didn't mind stopping to socialise for a while:

And since I hadn't taken many photos of Tim, I snapped another:

But, as always, the week had to come to an end - and all too soon, we were back at the airport again. The flights were supposed to be about an hour apart, but Tim checked in online so only had to be there an hour in advance, so we took them all together:

Perhaps life will get back to normal next week...

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