Friday, December 31, 2010

A very happy new year to all!

I know it's not yet 2011, but we're going to be out this evening and I shall probably be too tired to post anything tomorrow. I don't know quite where 2010 went; time seems to fly faster than ever, the older I become. After a fairly warm and sunny week with our visitors, yesterday was rather overcast, today is worse with a distinct chill to the air. I expect it will rain later.

I've finally remembered to post this year's Christmas newsletter on our family website for the record, and for anyone who hasn't seen it already by mail or email. If anyone new to this blog wants to know quickly what our family did in 2010 - in a nutshell: I turned 50, we celebrated 30 years of marriage, and our older son became engaged to be married - our 2010 newsletter is the best place to find out.

Happy New Year! Wishing many blessings to all in 2011.

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