Saturday, August 06, 2011

Not sailing into the sunset...

Although it's almost two years since Richard has been part-owner of the yacht King Malu, and a year since they started sea-trials, I have never been out sailing in her. This is because I don't do well in sunshine or heat... and they generally don't sail when there is no sunshine, because it tends to mean that the waves are choppy and the wind high. I did go on board in January, for a meal, and was quite prepared to be taken for a short sail... but it was too windy.

So when, about a week ago, Richard said they wondered if I would like to go for a sunset sail some time, I thought it sounded a good idea. Sunset is around 7.30pm, as it's totally dark by 8.00pm now, and the weather is mostly calm.

Then he said we would eat a meal on board - but I didn't have to provide any of it. So that was good. Then I learned that it wasn't going to be a sail at all, but a gentle motor for maybe ten minutes. Hmm. After much discussion, it was decided to meet at the marina at 6.00pm on Thursday. I'm glad I took a hat since it was still quite hot and sunny by then, and the 'bimini' (sunshade) no use at all since the sun was low enough to avoid it.

So, after a slight hiatus when the boat was blown into the one next-door, we set off. The sea was rather choppy and it worried me how much the boat seemed to be rocking, but Richard said it was fine. I was more disturbed by the sun on the back of my head than I was by the waves. And by around 7.00 was more than ready to stop and have something to eat - which was roast chicken from the 'New York' take-away and some excellent salad.

Tim had made some chocolate brownies:

After we'd eaten them, Erika and Lauren sat with their feet up:

I suddenly noticed that the sun was indeed starting to set, so thought I'd better take a photo since that was, after all, what we had come to see:

The camera is automatic, so it wasn't actually as dark as it looked in that picture. Tim P (the main owner of the boat) decided it was time to go back so he went to the front of it:

And Richard took the wheel:

I managed to catch another picture of the sun just before it disappeared over the horizon, although it wasn't fully dark for another fifteen minutes or so:

So I still haven't been sailing on King Malu. Going on board a couple of times a year seems reasonable enough, though... but I preferred it in January when it was decidedly less hot.


Anvilcloud said...

Maybe you guys should go on semi major haul in January?

Ciccia said...

Beautiful pictures, I've never been to Cyprus so I find your blog very interesting. I'm in Rome at the moment but I live in Trapani, Sicily. I'm following you! I make lots of food, in case you're interested:) Not only Italian but also Japanese as my husband is Japanese. The weather there where you are looks lovely. Here in Rome it's very, very hot, and the city is deserted as it's Ferragosto.