Friday, April 24, 2009

Spring ambles towards Summer in Cyprus

When we first came to Cyprus, we didn't think Spring existed here. There are no snowdrops, no daffodils, no primroses. No clear season when apparently comatose trees and bushes suddenly show signs of new life. No glorious blossom bursting into life.

But now we realise that of course Cyprus does have a Spring season. It might feel like a British summer at present, but it's the best time of year as far as I'm concerned. Summer will come all too soon, with heat, humidity, and general apathy and tiredness on my behalf. But right now, we're at the height of Spring. How to tell? Here are a few pointers that happened this week:

  • I switched the 9 tog duvet for the 4.5 tog duvet on the bed
  • I stopped wearing trainers and socks, and got out my sandals and flip-flops again
  • I stopped wearing a sweatshirt all day
  • We kept windows open until it started to get dark
  • We switched the central heating off entirely
  • I had to start watering the plants on the front porch
  • Richard didn't need to use the electric water heater to supplement the solar heating for his evening shower
  • I saw this blossom near St Lazarus Church in Larnaka town:

It's not summer yet, because I'm still wearing a sweatshirt in the evening; I do need to use the water heater for my morning shower; I'm still wearing jeans rather than shorts, and Richard hasn't yet shed his sweatshirt!

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Terry said...

When I first moved to Cyprus for my few short months there it was early November. My husband was living through his first Cypriot summer and had never experienced a winter on the island. As we made plans for me to join him, he kept telling me to only bring summer clothes. Fortunately I did my own research and decided I would indeed also need some winter clothes! I remember the cold winter, made even colder by marble floors and cement walls! I enjoy your blog! Terry