Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A foggy morning in Cyprus

Last Saturday night we put the clocks forward, along with the rest of Europe. I thought I might get more sleep in the morning; Sophia usually wakes me up as it gets light, which was around 6am last week. Of course, on Sunday morning even though it was nearer 7am it still FELT like 6am.

I came downstairs. I pulled up the blind in the kitchen, and blinked a couple of times.

It was foggy. I'm not sure I've ever before seen fog in Cyprus. Perhaps a little bit of mist, but not like this:

I took this out of another window, not that it looks all that different:

The fog rather highlights just how many overhead cables there are around here.

By about 8am it had cleared up, and we were seeing the more normal sunshine and blue skies. By mid-morning, it was really quite warm. Had Sophia not wakened me at dawn, I might have missed it.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Sue

I stumbled across your book review re Phillip Yancey `Disappointment with God`and thought I'd drop you a line.

look forward to reading your pages.

Best wishes

Annette (Bedfordshire)