Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Ups and downs of life, feeling a long way away in Cyprus

I'm glad Christmas Day went so well. Boxing Day was good, too. We had some other friends over for lunch, who left mid-afternoon, and in the evening we watched a DVD together.

I knew I'd feel anxious on Sunday, because that's the day when Daniel and Becky were leaving Singapore - flying at 9.40am, so leaving the Doulos around 6am. Would they get up in time? Would they get everything packed? Would they be over their (generous) luggage allowance? Would Dan's guitar be all right if it was checked? What would happen if the first flight was delayed?

There are so many things a mother can worry about, even when her children are grown up and long-gone from the nest.

Tim was playing at St Helena's Church, so I went with him. It was a pleasant service, and good to get out of the house. Shortly after lunch Daniel sent a text saying they were in Dubai, soon to board for their second flight. No mention of any problems with luggage, so I assumed everything had gone well so far.

In the evening we were asked out to drinks and nibbles at Richard's colleague's house, to celebrate a special birthday. I knew Daniel's plane was due to land about 7pm (UK time) so by 9.30 was starting to wonder what was happening... and then a text message arrived, saying they'd landed safely and were awaiting their luggage. Later on he sent one saying he'd met up with Grandpa - who was meeting him, and taking him to his home for a few days - so I relaxed, and slept well that night.

Unfortunately neither Daniel nor his Grandpa slept well that night. My father had chest pains and was admitted to hospital. Not good timing since the rest of the family were due to spend Monday with him. He had some kind of heart attack and is still there, waiting for further tests, although apparently he seems to be fairly well in himself. It was a great shock as he has seemed so fit and healthy.

Meanwhile our time with Tim here has been racing past - several games of Settlers in several variations, a couple of DVDs, good food, and time to relax. He returns to the UK in the early hours of Thursday morning, and is looking forward to seeing Daniel later in the day, and meeting Becky. However we will miss him, as always. Living in Cyprus has many advantages, and I'm mostly very contented, but I don't like being so far away from the family.

This week in between Christmas and New Year always feels like a strange time of year, winding down from the celebrations, eating up leftovers, not quite getting back into routine. Richard has been in the office a few times, but has also spent time at King Malu, which is now booked to be moved into the water in a couple of weeks.


parepidemos said...

Prayers for the healing of your father, and a candle lit this evening.

suzanne Moody said...

Thinking of you and your family...it is hard to be so far and have to wait. Hope your dad continues to improve.