Wednesday, August 28, 2013


My friend Sheila has been doing a blogging 'scavenger hunt' recently. On Friday, when we were at the beach together, she commented that she had forgotten her camera, which was a bit annoying since one of the items in the scavenger hunt was 'a cloud in the shape of something'. And there were quite a few clouds in the sky.

In much of the world - or at least the rest of Europe - clouds in the sky are hardly unusual, but in August in Cyprus they are decidedly so. Occasionally a small white fluffy one might float past, but on the whole, from early June until at least mid-September, clouds are few and far between.

But, on this auspicious day, not only had there been a proliferation of clouds... we had even had about thirty seconds of rain, in the late afternoon. Maybe even as much as a minute.  I missed it myself, but noticed drops on the roof, and our friends confirmed that it had indeed rained. Slightly.

At first the clouds all looked pretty much like cotton wool - either white or grey - but Sheila did not think that would count for the scavenger hunt.  Since I did have my camera with me, I kept half an eye on the clouds, and let my imagination run riot.  Well... as much as my visual imagination ever runs riot, which is not actually very much.

The first thing I spotted was this face:

If you click on the photo a larger version should appear.  The face is on the left of the image, with the chin in the middle, at about a 45 degree angle leaning backwards. I hope this isn't just me... but I see an eye, a nose, a mouth, and a jutting forehead. Perhaps it's someone leaning back in a foamy bath... 

That one didn't stay very long, and indeed, the clouds gradually started to dissipate. I still kept glancing at them, however.. and thought I could make a case for this being a flying dragon: 

I know. Not very convincing.  And this one is even less so... but I thought it could be someone crawling along the ground searching for something: 

After that the sun started going down and we had to round up the children and pack up our things, so I didn't take any more photos.  Which is a pity as it might turn out to have been our last evening at the beach this year... August has raced by, and we've hardly done any swimming despite our initial good intentions

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