Friday, November 06, 2009

A bit of a lonely week

Richard has been in Egypt for the past four days. He left on Sunday evening, and returned in the middle of last night. Or the early hours of this morning, depending on how you count it. He isn't as tired as he often is after being in Egypt, but this time he and his colleague were staying in a guest flat rather than with people who live there. They did have one very late night, apparently, having a meal with the main people they work with, and then playing a lengthy game of Settlers of Catan. But nothing like so bad as usual.

I'm usually quite happy with my own company, and I had things to do ouside the house for the first three mornings of the week. Painting on Monday, Tots on Tuesday, some shopping and a haircut on Wednesday. The weather was grey and dismal, but I found plenty to do.

Yesterday the sun came out for the whole day, for the first time in over a week. I usually look after a home educated eleven-year-old on Thursdays, but they weren't able to come this week. So I got up later than usual, and did a few chores. I didn't need any shopping, and didn't really feel like going for a walk. It wasn't until mid-afternoon that I identified that I was actually, despite the cats, feeling a bit lonely. Strange, since it's not something I feel very often.

So I was very pleased that Richard was due back later.

Today the sun has shone again, and I gather it's predicted to be a bit warmer again over the weekend. Not too warm, I hope.

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Rosemary said...

Your alone period did have one advantage, in that there were more blog updates than sometimes for the rest of us to enjoy reading :-)